Hanging Garment Bag  808

Hanging Garment Bag
Hanging Garment BagHanging Garment BagHanging Garment BagHanging Garment BagHanging Garment BagHanging Garment BagHanging Garment Bag

"Those giant, rigid garment bags from the 80's and 90's are thankfully part of history now. FCB’s garment bag is about as high-speed and low-drag as a garment bag can get. With only one rigid interior support piece, this bag is light in the hand and stores easily when you aren’t using it. Traveler's Tip: When you pack this bag, make sure each garment is in its own plastic bag from the dry-cleaners. You will arrive at your destination wrinkle free." - FCB President, Jimmy Chittim

Dimensions: 19in. × 12in. × 1in.

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Can you make this bag in the current USMC color "coyote brown" for Marines to match the rest of our gear like rolling bags, packs, helmet bags, aviator kit bags, (some made by other companies since you all do not make everything)etc?


MAJ Rayfield,

I'm sorry but we do not offer the 808 Garment Bag in the coyote brown color. We simply don't have enough demand for the bag in this color.

We do offer three other bags in coyote brown. They are our 902 Helmet Bag, 900 Flyers Kit Bag, and 213 Stryker Backpack.

Again, I'm sorry we're unable to help you with the garment bag in coyote.


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